Procedures and Treatments

At Sonntag Dental we offer a wide range of dental procedures to meet your individual needs.


Dental Procedures - Sonntag Dentistry


Implants are artificial tooth roots. When a tooth has to be removed, an implant and an implant crown can be used to replace a missing tooth. Multiple implants can also be used to retain loose fitting dentures.

Dental Implants
Dental Fillings


When a tooth gets a cavity, the dentist removes the decay from the tooth and replaces the missing tooth structure with a white or silver restoration. Here at Sonntag Dental we use either white (composite) or silver (amalgam) fillings.

Root Canals

If a cavity is allowed to grow for an extended amount of time and grows to the center of the tooth where the nerve is located, this creates an infection in the center of the tooth. Patients often experience symptoms of pain with this type of infection. A root canal procedure involves accessing the center of the tooth and disinfecting the canals of the tooth to remove the infection. The tooth is then sealed off to prevent future infection. Root canal treated teeth often require a crown after the root canal is completed.

Root Canal


In cases where dental decay has been allowed to persist for a long time or a patient has severe periodontal disease (bone loss surrounding teeth) extraction of all teeth in the mouth might be indicated. A denture is fabricated to replace the patient’s teeth. A denture is made out of acrylic material. These are removable appliances that can be retained better with implants. Immediate placement of implants is not required but can be done in the future.


There are multiple indications for dental crowns.  A tooth may crack or part of the tooth may fracture off. Also a cavity may involve a large portion of the tooth requiring the removal of a significant amount of tooth structure. In these cases, the tooth is severely compromised. A dental crown helps to strengthen and reinforce the tooth by surrounding it with a strong, supportive material.

Dental Crowns
Dental Extractions


In cases where there is a dental infection or severely broken tooth, a tooth sometimes may not be savable. An extraction is the removal of a tooth that is severely compromised.

Preventive Care

To maintain optimal oral health, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends regular dental visits. Plaque from food debris builds up on teeth surfaces and over a long period of time may cause cavities or periodontal disease. During a dental cleaning a hygienist also removes the plaque and calculus from teeth that a patient would otherwise not be able to remove, usually every three to six months based on individual need. This helps to maintain a healthy mouth.

Preventative Dental Care
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

When a patient is not satisfied with the color of their teeth, whitening of the teeth may be an option. Here at Sonntag Dental we offer two types of dental whitening, take home bleach trays or in-office whitening. The bleaching trays are fabricated at the office and a patient wears them at home with the bleaching solution in the trays. Additional refills may be purchased to maintain the desired color. The in-office whitening is a single visit where the bleaching solution is applied to the teeth by a dental assistant.